Backie Prostate and Perineum Stimulator


Explore new sensations with the Backie Prostate and Perineum Stimulator. With 30 vibration modes, ergonomic design and made with high quality silicone, it guarantees an exceptional pleasure experience. Get yours today!

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Backie Prostate and Perineum Stimulator: Elevate your Male Pleasure to New Heights

The Backie Prostate and Perineum Stimulator is more than just a sex toy; It is a complete pleasure experience designed to satisfy the deepest desires. With an anatomical shape and advanced features, this stimulator is optimized to provide precise and pleasurable internal and external stimulation.

Featured Features:

30 Customizable Vibration Modes: Discover a wide range of sensations with the 30 vibration modes available. From gentle strokes to intense pulsations, you can adjust the settings to your individual preferences for a completely personalized experience.

Made with High Quality Silicone: High quality silicone ensures a soft touch feel and exceptional durability. This waterproof and body-safe material offers a comfortable and safe experience during use.

Ergonomic and Rechargeable Design: Designed to perfectly fit the male anatomy, the Backie Prostate and Perineum Stimulator offers a comfortable grip and precise control during use. Plus, it's rechargeable via an included USB cable, ensuring you never run out of power at the crucial moment.

Tips for Use to Maximize your Pleasure:

  • Preparation and Lubrication: Before using the stimulator, be sure to clean it properly and apply water-based lubricant for a smooth and comfortable insertion. This will ensure a more pleasant experience and reduce any discomfort.
  • Feature Exploration:** Take your time to explore the different vibration features and find the setting that best suits your preferences. Experiment with the different modes to discover new sensations and maximize your pleasure.
  • Correct Positioning:** Be sure to insert the stimulator so that the curved tip reaches the prostate and perineum for optimal stimulation. Adjust the position as necessary to find the angle and pressure that feels most pleasurable for you.
  • Care and Maintenance:** After each use, clean the stimulator with warm water and neutral soap or a specific cleaner for sex toys. Storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will ensure its long-term durability.

With the Backie Prostate and Perineum Stimulator, your male pleasure will reach new heights. Discover true ecstasy and immerse yourself in an experience of unparalleled pleasure designed to satisfy your most intimate needs. Available now at Sex Shop Costa Brava.


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