Mangoo Prostate Stimulator


Explore new frontiers of pleasure with the Mangoo Prostate Stimulator. This innovative toy is designed to give you intense and exciting sensations. With its ergonomic design and advanced technology, the Mangoo stimulates the prostate while the cock ring ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Controlled by a remote control, this stimulator offers 10 vibration modes to suit your preferences.

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Discover new sensations with the Mangoo Prostate Stimulator

It vibrates and thrusts inside you with the Mangoo Prostate Stimulator while the cock ring keeps it completely secure.

Add excitement with the remote control

Add even more excitement by passing the remote control to your partner.

Rechargeable and powerful

Being rechargeable via USB cable, it guarantees powerful and stable modes from start to finish. The remote uses 1 CR2032 battery, included.

Instructions for charging and using the Mangoo Prostate Stimulator

Please charge it fully before use. The light flashes when you plug in the charger to indicate that the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the light remains steady. Full charge for 150 minutes.

Use your Mangoo Prostate Stimulator for 60 minutes.

  • Press the on/off button on the massager for 3 seconds to turn it on. The light will turn on. Press it again and the toy will start to vibrate.
  • Press the button to switch between 10 modes.
  • To turn it off, press the On/Off button on the base of the vibrator for 2 seconds. The light turns off.

Use with remote control

  • Turn on the massager at the base of the toy.
  • Press the On/Off button on the remote control.
  • Press the vibration button to activate and toggle between the 10 vibration/pulse modes.
  • Press and hold the power button to turn it off.

Cleaning and care

Cleaning is super easy, wash with warm water and mild soap or use a toy cleaner spray. Use an antibacterial cleaning spray for best results. Dry and store away from light and heat sources.

The use of lubricant is recommended. Always use water-based lubricants. Oils and other types of lubricants will damage the integrity of the material.

Lubricants are the best complement to your toys.

Please refer to the instruction manual before use.

Remove the battery from the remote control when not using it.

Advice from Our Expert:

To fully enjoy the Mangoo Prostate Stimulator, we recommend following these suggestions for use:

Proper preparation:

Before you begin, make sure the toy is fully charged using the provided USB cable. Additionally, apply water-based lubricant to the toy and anal area for a smooth and comfortable insertion.

Proper positioning:

Find a comfortable position that allows you easy access to the anal area. We recommend lying on your side or adopting a position that allows you to relax completely. We also recommend using some type of lubricant.

Power on and mode selection:

Press the on/off button on the stimulator for 3 seconds to activate it. Use the remote control to select from the 10 available vibration modes. Experiment with different settings to find out which one gives you the most pleasure.

Gradual exploration:

Start with a gentle vibration and gradually increase the intensity as you feel more comfortable. Listen to your body and adjust settings based on your preferences and arousal level.

Couple game:

If you wish, hand the remote control to your partner to add an element of surprise and shared control. This can increase the excitement and connection between you.

Cleaning after use:

After each use, wash the Mangoo Prostate Stimulator with warm water and mild soap or use a specific sex toy cleaner. Make sure to dry it completely before storing it in a cool, dry place.

Always remember to listen to your body and communicate with your partner to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. Enjoy exploring new sensations and discovering pleasure with the Mangoo Prostate Stimulator!


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